These eco-friendly and windproof usb flameless lighters are game changer

Did you know that there comes an eco-friendly lighter that works without any use of butane or fuel? Hell no! But thanks to the advancement in technology it is possible today to have such approach. It is the USB rechargeable lighter that needs zero fuel to light up. It is also commonly referred to as a flameless lighter.

When it comes to lighters, the primary use of a lighter is to light cigarettes. However, a plasma lighter can help you in many other ways. Some features and benefits of the electric USB plasma lighters have been reviewed below.

· USB lighter is versatile


The USB rechargeable lighter is not only perfect for smokers but has a lot of other indoor and outdoor advantages as well. It can be used to light up your favorite candles and incense in the house. It can also be used as a camping tool, lighting up even in strong winds and heavy rains as its windproof and waterproof.

  • Does not interfere with the flavors

This one is for smokers. You might have heard a smoker complaining that their cigarette tastes weird when they light it up? Why? The reason is that the toxic fuel used inside a regular lighter leaves a weird taste in the cigarette when it’s lighted up. But with a USB lighter, as it is fuel free, you can enjoy your cigarette without any interference with its flavor and taste.

  • It is lightweight

A fact that’s often overlooked when buying a lighter is its weight. The USB rechargeable lighter is very lightweight – the versatility, durability, and reliability, and style is a plus. It does not have a container to store fuel so it’s being manufactured in very compact and attractive designs. A normal USB rechargeable lighter will be a perfect fit for your gadget purse or small pockets. The protective lid on top prevents any accidents.

  • Super Eco-friendly

Recycling a lighter is no joke as it’s made up of various materials therefore it usually ends up directly in nature adding to pollution. The rechargeable USB lighter solves that problem. Since it is rechargeable, the lifespan of this flameless lighter is multiplied manifold. It comes with a strong sturdy USB cable for charging. In addition, it does not emit any toxic gases in the air when lighted up as its fuel free.

  • Fast

The USB lighter is famous for lighting up almost five times faster than the regular fuel lighters.

  • Perfect gift

Everyone has a smoker friend who has been complaining that they keep running out of lighters or keep misplacing them? Well this is the perfect gift for them, you will save them the money spent on buying a fuel lighter every now. A rechargeable USB lighter is certainly the perfect gift for smokers.


USB rechargeable lighter has countless advantages for its users. The best part is that they come in countless designs, size, and types. Contact us for further information or leave a reply below.