Reasons why you should go for plasma lighters

  • What is plasma lighter?

Are you a smoker? If you are then by the time you finish reading this article you may have an altogether different view about matches, lighters and plasma lighters altogether.

First things first, are you aware what plasma lighters are? Well plasma lighter is an electronic lighter, also known as a flameless lighter. It is powered by a USB and does not have any butane in it.

It produces a single or double electrical plasma beam (depending on model) between its two arcs. The beam is hotter than fire itself.

  • Benefits of plasma lighters

There are countless reasons that might tempt you to throw away your matchbox and go for plasma lighter instead. Some main reasons might be that they are:

  • Trendy

In the modern day when the advancement in technology has impacted every gadget that you own, from your phone to your power packs why can’t something as fashionable as plasma lighter replace your match box?

Plasma lighters are very cool, both to look at and operate. It is the first choice of people who want a lighter that’s not only classy but also easy to carry. Further it very durable as it lasts much longer than a regular flame lighter, maybe a lifetime if used with care.

  • Windproof

Since plasma lighter is practically flameless, one does not have to worry about lighting a cigarette in the wind anymore. Not only is this  good news for smokers but also good news for campers who can light up a fire on a windy and a rainy day to keep themselves warm, without having to worry about the weather.

  • Butane free

Since plasma lighter is basically a USB lighter, it means that it is rechargeable and charged through a USB. As it is butane-free, it eliminates not only the unpleasant smell of butane when lighting up the lighter but it also considerably brings down the risks of an explosion owing to a butane leak.

  • Comes with safety features

Most of these flameless lighters come with a special safety feature that prevents the lighter from forming an arc and hence lighting up by accident whilst the top is closed.

  • Rechargeable

These lighters are environment friendly and are rechargeable. Once fully charged, it can give roughly more than five hundred sparks a day.

  • Cost effective

Technically this flameless lighter does not come cheap. It is handsomely priced but considering the fact that it’s much more durable and long lasting than matches and a regular lighter, in the long run it is much more cost effective.

  • Allowed in checked in luggage in planes


Plasma lighters are allowed in the checked in luggage in the plane whilst travelling as they do not contain any fuel.  


  • Should you consider buying plasma lighter?

When recharged and used correctly, these lighters can last you a lifetime. Their safety features and no smell allow it to be safe around babies as well. They are convenient to use in all kinds of circumstances.