How USB Rechargeable Lighters are Environment Friendly and Works Without Any Fuel

The USB lighter is a flameless lighter that is butane free and works on electricity instead of fuel. This USB lighter has a metal coil inside through which the electrical energy passes to create heat.  The energy comes from a chargeable battery which needs to be recharged through a USB port.

Consider this lighter as the next generation lighter, since it has literally replaced the fuel in a lighter with electrical energy. This means a lot of things, and a lot of good things. Some benefits of these USB yet fuel free lighters have been mentioned here.


The USB lighter is rechargeable, which means that that you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel ever. It will never stop working and are made to last for years. However, you will have to charge the lighter every time it runs out of battery. These lighters can be charged using a USB data cable that comes along the package. One side is inserted in the lighter while the other in the computers USB port.

A full charge takes around an hour or two depending on the model, and it lasts somewhere between 500 to 600 sparks - the single arc lighter lasting even more than the double arc one.

Environment friendly:

As a flameless lighter is butane free, there is no chemical emission; thus, it does not compromise the environment. Therefore, it is completely safe to use plasma, USB, and flameless lights around babies as well. The added safety of it having no combustible elements or a chamber filled up with fuel make it environment friendly.

  • USB lighters work in all weather conditions

Have you ever tried to smoke in the wind? Did you manage to light up your traditional old lighter? Chances are you had to try several times before it finally did light - that is if it did light up at all. On the other hand, USB lighters are windproof and can light up anywhere and at anytime. It does not matter if there is a strong wind blowing or even if it’s raining, you can light up your cigarette with just a single click.   

In addition to be the perfect tool for smokers, the USB lighter is also the ideal tool for camping in harsh weather conditions. The high-intensity flame of USB rechargeable lighters can light up anytime irrespective of the weather conditions that too without emitting any hazardous chemicals.  

  • Safety features:

An electric lighter is, no doubt, much safer than any fuel lighter. It comes with a lid and does not work until lid is opened and then the button on the side is pressed. So you do not need worry about any spills or accidents with a USB lighter.

Final thoughts:

These lighters are available in a variety of different designs. Some find this flameless lighter to be very expensive when they compare it to a disposable lighter but they are actually very cost effective in the long run. If you use it with care and recharge it properly, it can even last a lifetime. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all! In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply below.