Characteristics Of Korea, Japan, China, And Americans In Casino Games

*If You Ate A Game, You Bet On The Next Version

Japanese-Take what you ate and subtract a few from your original bet sbobet mobile.

American-In addition to the betting, a few more overturns.

Chinese-Overturn what you ate on what you bet casino online winbet2u on, and then overturn a few more.

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*Behavior When You Lose Your Small Money With Money

Korean-Look at this! See the end today! While looking for an ATM machine.

Japanese-Turns around with great regret. (Never do it anymore.)

American-At least once more money.

Chinese-I didn’t have any money to look for beca

use I went with all the money I had.

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* If The Dealers Are Too Count,

Koreans-In addition to the six-headed characters, the cigarette smoke Gensei is also embarrassing. (Of course there are many people who don’t.)

Japanese- I’ve already got up and are looking for another table.

Americans-mostly reduce bets and wait patiently He even makes a little joke with the dealer.

Chinese-It creates an atmosphere of fear by hitting the table, and when you wait and get upset, you can see the boldness of taking small money with you.

* When Getting Up With Money

Korean-Has a tendency to match the amount of money. For example, if you are earning $975, you have a strong tendency to get up after earning $25 more and filling 1,000 dollars. (Of course, there are many cases where all of the money is lost.)

Japanese-It happens with all the money, even coins. Of course there are no tips.

American-Anytime you think you’re tired or asleep. (Dealer tips are always provided.)

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