Prohibitions That Apply To All Casino Games Such As Baccarat And Blackjack

Carrie Packer, owner of the publishing and broadcasting group in Australia, is one of the top three in the history of gambling, along with the Sultan of Brunei Kingdom and Adnan Kashogi, a weapon dealer in Saudi Arabia.

carry Packer it has blew a year large sums in September unprecedented trying to make up for it after losing about 29 billion won for three weeks in London casino ideas such deoni lost about 340 billion won in Baccarat in Las Vegas in 1995 in an instant.

of course, much Even though he won, his personal fortune amounts to 9 trillion won, and this loss would not be very memorable.

Likewise, a loss of tens of millions of won won’t hurt a person with hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth.

But let’s imagine that a person who receives 30 to 40 million won in annual salary lost 30 million won per night. Will it disappear from memory? Even at the moment you lose your money, you will be very unbelievable, and once you finally realize it, you will suffer the worst feelings of despair.

To blow up 30 million won in an instant…! If this happens to you, as a salaryman, can you imagine?

Don’t leave regrets about the lost money and forget it cleanly, but human psychology is not that way.

The thought that governs my mind from the moment I lose money is “I have to recover the principal quickly. How can I recover the principal in a short time?” Only.

I become more obsessed, and the experience of winning money in the past comes to mind.

I feel like I’ll be able to find my lost money by playing the game once. It seems that the cards flicker in front of me and beckon to try one more time.

In particular, when the money should never be lost, and when the amount of money lost is too large to handle, it is thought that there is no other way than to recover the money through the game.

Of course, if this is all about thinking, life is still yours. However, in the hope of recovering the lost money, ordinary people use all kinds of methods, such as billing from family and friends, or receiving cash service with a card, to raise money and pour more money into the casino. In the end, you are throwing yourself into a fight that is about to end.

If you are greedy to get money at the casino, you become a slave to the casino from that point, and you lose your mind, and it becomes more and more difficult to pick up money because of the burden.

This is because greed takes away your mind and makes you unable to enjoy the game.

If you play a game according to the Monte Carlo system, there will be no trace of luck in the past and you can move forward. In addition, you can control the situation at the level of enjoying the game through money management, betting amount adjustment, and time management.

Once again, I must not fall for the illusion of losing an amount of money that I can’t afford and winning next time.

That way, you can afford to accept and enjoy the game as just a game. In the case of a game where ordinary people bet a lot of money, it becomes impossible to control it with the power of reason.

It would be impossible to compare the spending of a salary earner who earns 2-3 million won a month and those who earn a few billions a day.

There are cases in which the big rich don’t hurt much even if they spend too much.

However, ordinary people who make a living by earning a salary

Because you have to live by the mistake, you have to bet the amount that suits you without being torn as well as your life while trying to keep track of the betting amount of people with money.